We recognise that a sound working relationship with our clients guarantees long-term satisfaction for all concerned. Our consultants work hard to develop an in depth understanding of your business, culture and job roles which ensures we can effectively source the right people. We have a very ‘human’ approach, our business is based around people after all!

As well as being a Director led organisation, V Selective employs experienced recruiters with years of experience for each of our ‘desks’ – Commercial, Technical & Training. We manage vacancies throughout UK along with International Recruitment campaigns.

Recommendations, regular and effective advertising using online and social media ensures a consistent flow of potential candidates suitable for temporary and permanent opportunities in all of our chosen sectors. We also employ expert ‘resourcers’ who are dedicated to searching for the best candidates who are on the major recruitment databases. We also employ head-hunting techniques when appropriate.

To ensure the high quality of our candidates, we employ detailed selection techniques and testing when necessary. We always embrace the latest technologies which can enhance the speed and quality of our service – Teams / Zoom / WhatsApp / Skype  for video interviews and our powerful candidate database technology are just a couple of examples of this.

Many of the Employers we support see us as an extension of their in-house team – we feel this is down to the fact we always work to gain an in-depth analysis of your objectives and a valuable insight into your day to day operations, along with the type of candidates you seek. We offer a bespoke approach for all your recruitment requirements, shaping the way we work around the way you work.

V Selective are proud of being able to provide high quality recruitment solutions at affordable rates.  Check out our options below …

We offer Permanent Recruitment at a highly competive fee of just 10% of the salary…

All our work is done on a ‘success only’ basis, so we only invoice you once a candidate we introduce starts working for you …

This also comes with a 12 week rebate / free replacement period  …


We work exactly the same as we do for our Standard Permanent Recruitment … The difference is when it comes to invoicing …

Instead of charging you a 10% fee, we charge you 1 % a month for 12 months … This adds up to a fee of 12%, but enables you to split the cost over a full year!

Plus … If the candidate leaves in the first 12 months… No further invoices are issued, and you simply stop paying…

This is a very popular option with our clients ..

We can provide Temporary workers for long or short term assignments across our specialist sectors … We source the candidates, and manage all the payroll.

We work transparently … We agree a candidate pay rate, and the client charge rate accordingly …

Company credit check is required to set up a Temp Account


We've worked with V-Selective for years and would highly recommend their services. They always provide us with great candidates
Technical Client
V-selective did a fantastic job helping me find my perfect role in the training sector. I've been with my employer 3 years now and still thoroughly enjoy my role.
Dave Edwards
V-selective have been providing us great candidates for 10 years. We've always found them incredibly easy to work with and have always understood the requirements of our roles
Training Client